Sewing Machines for Synthetic Field & Sports Turf Installations

Here at TSM we offer the largest selection of sewing equipment for synthetic turf installations. We manufacture USA made cart style turf sewing machines and hand-held turf sewers. Highlighted by our revolutionary Turf Monster, our line of cart sewing machines offers butt seamers, double needles, & single needle chain lock units. These along with our line of portable field sewers provides the synthetic turf installer with a wide variety of choices for any sports field sewing application. TSM Clients include Astroturf, Field Turf, A-Turf, Sprint Turf, Tiger Turf, Mondo, etc.

Heavy-Duty Turf Sewing Machines

Turf Monster Turf Sewing Machine

 • Minimizes labor and part replacement.
 • Guaranteed to streamline your operation.
 • One of a kind technology

Portable Turf Sewing Machines

 • Sews: Turf, Bags, Landfills, Liners etc.
 • Minimize maintenance and downtime.
 • Fast, efficient, capable of running all day.

Parts, Needles, & Threads

 • 32 ounce spools of Polyester Thread
 • 8 ounce spools of polyester thread
 • 24 Hour Shipping

Professional Cart Style Sports Turf Sewing Machines

In 2008 we revolutionized the industry by launching our Turf Monster Series cart sewing machine. The Turf Monster provides the pulling power of two machines in one. As a result, this patented system minimizes downtime, labor cost & part replacement. Our Turf Monster 4-thread double needle & the 2-thread butt seamer are employed worldwide. Like everyone else, we also offer the standard cart style sewing machine setups…but for about $1000 less. Cart sewing machines provide synthetic field installers with the most affordable & efficient way to fabricate a field. Our units are 100% USA Made, built to last, and guaranteed to streamline your synthetic field installations.

Affordable Portable Style Turf Sewing Machines

USA made Portable style Turf Sewing Machines offer the installer the most affordable Portable style machines. Professional machines perform quick service for Sport Field Installation and Repair or Machines to install or repair Artificial Turf or Sports Turf. Used in stadiums, Fields, Arena and Sport Fields. Portable Style Turf Sewing Machine is Perfect on the spot repairs and many other uses like Bags, Landfills, Liners, Geosynthetics etc. We now carry the Union Special 2200. It has a Built-in thread chain cutter, housing for electric motor and handle made of fiberglass-reinforced break-resistant polyamide. available in 2200GA, 2200B, & 2200A models.

Tools For Synthetic Turf Field Applications.

Our line of turf sewing installation tools offers the following: Rasor Cutters, Oster grass pile shears, NC portable cutting tools, NC design carvers, & NC binding machines for golf mats. These tools provide the artificial turf installer with an assortment of tools that make life easy on the jobsite. The GC-09 & Speedcut have revolutionized the way fields are cut. The GC-09 Cutter allows for 1 man to cut an entire field in less than a day. Every installer looks for affordability and reliability on the jobsite. These tools are guaranteed to streamline your artificial field installations.

Professional Sewing Solutions For All Sports Field Applications

Our Professional Sports Sewing Machine equipment line is built to last a lifetime with an Extra Heavy Duty USA Made
N-C Carpet Machine Head, as we focus on quality components and precision workmanship we service Sports Turf sewing clients like Astroturf, Sports field Specialties, Field Turf, GM, Malibu Boats, Steiner Sports / Kenney Mfg, and many others. Our Professional Sports Sewing Machine machines are used for Sports Nets, Field Covers, Sports Apparel, Tarps, Pitch Covers, Applying Velcro, Padding, Rain Covers, Spot Covers, Seat Cushions, Turf Blankets, Gym Floor Covers, On Deck Circles, Sports Memorabilia. we guarantee our precision Sports Sewing Machines and Equipment, and offer immediate service, and affordable pricing.

Our Professional Sports Turf Sewing machines equipped with an Ergonomic Turf Cart with finger tip control, 4 thread chain-lock, 2 thread chain-lock, and 2 thread butt seam machines. and are designed for sports field Repair installation, turf, sewing, machines, sports, fields, synthetic, grass, artificial, installation, Astroturf, Mondo, turf store, landscape, STMA, carpet, thread turf machine, turf sewing machine, turf sewing machines, turf machines, turf sewing, turf installations. Our Professional Sports Turf Sewing machines are USA made and offer the installer with our most affordable cart style machines.


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