Newest Turf Monster Butt Seamer

Turf Monster Butt Seamer provides even more pulling power, stability, and its all new clutch is impervious to weather conditions. This single needle unit lays the turf flat and is equipped with a rear puller system that literally provides the pulling power of 2 machines in 1.

Turf Sewing Machine Features
Turf Monster Butt Seamer

  • 2 Thread Butt Seam stitch
  • Guaranteed to streamline your operation.
  • Lays the turf flatter than any other machine
  • One of a kind technology
  • Free Training available at your convenience.
  • USA Made N-C Rear Top & Bottom Clutch Puller
  • Extra HD USA Made N-C Carpet Machine Head
  • 4 Threads, Double Needle Chain-lock Stitch
  • Ergonomic Turf Cart, finger tip control
  • 110volt or 220volt motor standard.
  • Heavy Duty wheels & swiveling front wheel

The extra pulling power ensures minimal part replacement, reduces downtime, and makes life significantly easier on the field installer. Of most significance, it prolongs the life of your machine thus maximizing your investment. The Turf Monster is a patented, one of a kind unit that makes other turf machines obsolete. It's also available 4-Thread Double Needle & 2-Thread Chainlock..



  $10,950.00  TMonsterB Two Thread Butt Seam

  $9,500.00  Butt Seam Machine Without Rear Puller


Turf Monster Series cart style
synthetic turf sewing machines

Our Professional Sports Turf Sewing machines are all equipped with our rear puller system and available as a four thread chain lock, two thread chain lock, and two thread butt seam. Turf Sewing Machines is the only firm in the world that offers all three style machines to installers world-wide.

Four thread double needle machines offer the longest lasting stitch. Two thread single needle butt seam machines offer a stitch that lays entirely flat. The Turf Monster literally provides the pulling power of two machines in one. Equipped with our patented rear-puller system, machine life is extended as part replacement and downtime is significantly minimized. Perhaps of most significance, labor is greatly reduced as this unit literally pulls itself.

Available options that also help streamline the operation are the Turf Blower System and Automatic Foot Lift System. The turf blower system blows air onto the turf before it's sewn. This keeps most of the pile away from the sewing point. It also has a one of a kind separator that keeps the turf levels perfectly matched up for precision sewing. The foot lift system lets you raise the sewing foot up and down from a standing position. Turf Sewing Machines sells a broad range of sewing machines, tools, threads, and supplies for used to install synthetic sports fields.


Supplies for the Turf Monster Series
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T400 32 oz.Thread:

32 oz. Poly Thread For Turf Machines
  • 2.5 lb. King Spools
  • Available in both green and white
  • Strong USA made Polyester Thread

Available in White or Green $32.00 ea.

          T400 Turf Machine Thread


T400 8oz Thread 8 oz. Poly Thread For Turf Machines 
  • Poly Thread For Portable Turf/Bag Closers
  • 8 ounce spools
  • Available in both green and white
  • Strong USA Made Polyester Thread
Available in White or Green $12.50 ea.

          T400 Turf Machine Thread


GO oil

Available in Quarts,
1 Gallon and 5 Gallon

$8.75 - $70.00